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not gonna make this long because i havent been on the server in a bit so just forget about me already

no devs no content
server is only alive because of the few decent players looking to improve the server
spam me on steam if there is an update worth my time
dont bug me for money i want it to fuck around if said update ever happens ^
dont feel like mrdming its already aids enough for the innocent players

list of people that i remember and cared about, if youre not here youre just not memorable enough sorry
@Aero @Weazel @Saint Wylde @Sorle @DJ Conyo @Blue @Mango @Kenty @Nessy @MegaFro @Exrobite @peemnaja

jerry gone
When I was a sweater, you were the one who actually helped me, you showed me how to grow drugs and how the servers works.
Also most of the players that still play are the very old members that are sweaty af and dont fuck off from me.
Good bye Leah Smith.
good bye jerry conrad its been fun playing with you :(
you are actually one of the chillest guy who just want to have fun and we have lots of good times together
bye jerry :(