Community Spotlight - June 2021

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Hello, this is your June 2021 Community Spotlight, meaning this is now the eighth one since we started. Ever since the release of our new trailer we have had more and more people join us every day. There are a few duplicates here and there but for the month of June 2021 but we have had approximately 1,156 brand new connections to the server, which is really refreshing to see. In addition to this, we have seen a large boost in people joining the forums and our discord. If you haven't already joined our discord and would like to then please click here.

Edisom has hosted a Basketball Tournament which unfortunately I missed but it appears to have gone pretty well and those who got involved enjoyed it. A top job mate well done, you can claim a $50,000 reward by contacting me via F6 in-game.
Aaron mate you have done a cracking car show with loads of attendees today, I am told it went well. It was also really nice of you to include an amazon voucher reward too, you can claim a $50,000 reward by contacting me in-game with an F6 report.

I was sent this screenshot on 14th June by someone from the staff team. I must say this goes above and beyond for a normal player to be setting up a 'New Player Help Desk' outside spawn. I think this is quality work and I am grateful for this especially as I previously mentioned we are getting so many new players joining our server, we can all get involved in helping them out and making them feel welcome. Deshawn you can claim $50,000 from me by making a report in-game when you see me on.


A police compilation has been put together by Exnem and it is definitely worth a watch. Exnem you can claim a $50,000 reward from me by making an F6 in-game.


You may have noticed this year the community has been quite new player focussed. We have made and continue to make efforts to improve new player experience including gaining their feedback. In this graph you can see the daily new player connections.
It shows a very healthy increase, and we of course continue to value new player feedback. We now have a total of 138 responses to our optional new player survey. From reading the results of the survey today on 02/07/2021 these are my findings.
  • 47.8% of New Players find us through a friend.
  • 47.1% of New Players find us through the in-game server browser.
  • 51.4% of New Players strongly agree that they enjoy the server, 24.6% agree, 16.7% are neutral.
  • 18.1% of New Players strongly agree that they understand the server mechanics, these needs improvement.
  • 51.4% of New Players strongly agree that they understand how to get help and report players.
  • 40.6% of New Players strongly agree that they want to stay in the community and settle, whereas 34.1% agree.
  • 44.9% of New Players are Criminal Focussed, 24.9% are interested in PassiveRP, 9.4% are Police Focussed, 21% are Legal Job Focussed
This concludes the Community Spotlight. We have covered quite a bit in the month of June and said goodbye to our other Community Manager @Efan, at this time we aren't looking at having a second CM. On another note, we have had quite a lot of new Discord Boosters, and soon it will be possible for Discord to recognise everybody's premium and staff status. If you have any cool ideas for perks etc for Boosters & Premium on Discord then please let me know below.