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Natural disasters and adverse weather

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Description of the idea:

Adding natural disasters to PERP, other than just existing wildfires.

Natural disasters should occur in 1 of 2 ways:
- They should have a low (-5%) random chance of occurring every 2-4 hours.
- They can be triggered by event panel Trusted staff.

Natural disasters should work as such:
- When one occurs, an announcement is made by city hall, as well as on 911, warning that a natural disaster is set to occur and when. The next broadcast will tell users to seek appropriate shelter and to listen to emergency services.
Example: (broadcast) City hall: A high magnitude earthquake is set to hit Paralake in 10 minutes. Seek appropriate shelter, making sure you have enough
(broadcast) City Hall: Supplies to last you at least 3 days. Remain calm and await further instructions.
- The natural disaster will then wreak havoc for a random amount of time dependant on the disaster type.
- Once the disaster is over, another broadcast will be made by the city hall announcement broadcasting system, saying the disaster has ended.
(Broadcast) City hall: Geologists has confirmed that the disaster is over, it is now safe to leave shelter. Please continue life as normal.

Adverse weather should work as such:
- An announcement is made at city hall, saying that geologists warn of upcoming adverse weather.
(Announement) City hall: Geologists have warned that a hailstorm is about to hit Paralake in 10 minutes. Avoid going outside unless necessary.

The odds of natural disasters occurring:
The odds for all natural disasters should be low. I propose:
10% chance every 2 hours of adverse weather occurring
2% chance every 2 hours of a natural disaster occurring.

Example ideas of natural disasters and adverse weather include:

Lightning storm:
Lightning will strike upon the ground, occasionally causing fire, or striking a player stood in the open, injuring or killing them. Vehicles could also be struck by lightning but no real effect should happen to the vehicle, only people who are stood near them should get damaged. Players stood in open high spaces should be most likely to die to the lightning strike.

Lightning storms should last 2 - 10 minutes

Earthquakes should be a rarer disaster, but one of the most destructive. Earthquakes should have the following effects:
- Players screens shake.
- Car alarms should be triggered
- House alarms should be triggered
- Props should unfreeze at random
- Gas stations should ignite or explode.
- Driving should become significantly harder.

Earthquakes should last 30 seconds to 2 minutes.



Drought should have the following effects:
- Fishing slows down.
- Players run out of stamina faster
- Wildfires occur Quicker.
Droughts should last about 10-15 minutes.

This should also be a rare one. Hurricanes are strong wind storms that are basically giant twisters. Hurricanes should cause the following:
- Rain storm visuals obstructing visibility
- Loud rain sound blocking hearing abilities
- All cars get dirty over time
- Breakable windows randomly break
- Items ”spawn” and fly around in the wind, causing injury / death to people they hit.
- Car & house alarms are triggered causing chaos to government services.
- Gusts of wind push and lift players and items in the direction the hurricane is occurring in.

Hailstorms are when balls of frozen rain (hail) falls from the sky.
Hailstorms should have the following effects:
- They should occasionally damage players stood out in the open. (Not enough to kill a player who isn’t damaged by a third party)
- Hail effect falling from the sky.
- Hail sound.

Blizzards should Only occur in winter time in-game. Blizzards should have the following effects:
- Cars should be harder to control due to the icy conditions
- Visibility should be obstructed by snow
- Sounds of wind howling should play.
- Players outside and not in vehicles should occasionally take damage and their movement should be slowed.

Extreme fog:
A thick cloud of fog should block the visibility of users. It should last 5-20 minutes.

Extreme smog:
Same as fog but should also slow down regeneration of health and stamina. Smog should be darker than fog, possibly with a brownish tint? It should last for the same amount of time as fog.

Acid rain:
Acid rain should be slightly green rain. It will slow mushrooms and slow down fish being caught. It should also occasionally hurt players stood out in it. It should last about 2-5 minutes.

Why should this be added? (pros):
- New aspect of RP.
- Chaos and anarchy ensuing when emergency services receive 40 Car alarm call messages
- Realistic
- Funny
- Could be made event panel trigger-able only to prevent it being too invasive.
- All users get at least 10 minutes notice.

What negatives could this have? (cons):
- Development time.
- AFK players being killed by natural disasters.
- Natural disasters could impede events or RP.​
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Birmingham, United Kingdom
Unless the code for this already exists, I dont ever see a world where something this big and extensive will be created for a community that isnt that keen on it.

It would be cool I guess, but it would probably get old really quick.
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Paris, France
I like this idea very much but I must say that 2-4 hours is way too much, I think it needs ot be more rare than this, the same odds of happening (-5%) but in a 6h interval for example
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double mini roundabout
I'd love to see super-thick fog re-introduced, snow that makes roads slippery, hot vs cold weather that can change plant growing speeds, idk these are just random suggestions
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I really like it tbh, sounds fun and it opens up to new ways of passive rp than just cops and robbers.

But I do think it should be more rare than 2-4h, so you can appreciate it more and it wouldn't be just some "annoying" event
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as long as there isnt a blizzard a snow storm and everything in 1 day that'd be fine
also to make it more realistic there could be a increased chance of tornado's during summer and increased chance in winter of blizards
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Some of this stuff did already exist in game like tornados but last I ever tested it was so broken even on dev servers
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S.W.A.T Van
I really like it tbh, sounds fun and it opens up to new ways of passive rp than just cops and robbers.

But I do think it should be more rare than 2-4h, so you can appreciate it more and it wouldn't be just some "annoying" event
Perhaps something that can be triggered on the event panel?