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After a few months of planning, designing and developing. Paralake News is now here! We're really excited to announce that the first edition of the newspaper is now out and can be purchased in-game at any Gas Station. The concept for Paralake News was made a while back, we wanted to give you guys the ability to view player-made news, covering a bunch of different topics from in and out of the game.

The Hub
The initial idea was to have just a Newspaper, however after realising that not all stories would make it in the weekly newspaper, we decided that we'd create 'the hub' in order to create an online utility to view all news created by our Journalists. You can also view OOC news here, such as update posts and talks with the staff team, where as the in-game newspaper includes only IC news.

Weekly Newspaper

Each Sunday, a Newspaper will be released into the public domain which will include the best and most eye-catching stories of the week. We also understand that a week is sometimes a while to wait, and we didn't want to make the Newspaper useless after reading all the articles so we added the ability to view taxes, city funds and the current mayor of the city. Keep your newspaper handy to have instant access to these stats!
Get involved
We're always looking for fresh faces to write new articles, so if you think you have what it takes to join the team then go here and write up an application to become a Journalist!

We're really excited that this concept has turned into a reality, expect more updates in the near future, including video reports, interviews and possibly podcasts.

Want to gain access to the hub and it's articles? Click here to go to Paralake News!

Someone I'd like to thank masively is @roxie, an outstanding developer, who offered his time and effort to create Paralake News with myself. He's not only an extremely talented guy, and he's a great friend too!

We hope you enjoy!

I would like to recommend this position to anyone with a passion for writing, it's an extremely fun job with a lot of possibilities. Ayjay and roxie has done a brilliant job with this and I hope that this will continue.
Keep up the good work!