Perpheads drawing contest

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Perpheads drawing contest

Most of you don't know but drawing is one of my favorite hobbies. I find it relaxing and that’s why I want to encourage the community to do it as well. That's why I am organising a drawing contest.

The winner of this contest will receive one month of free vip and 150k. thanks to @curak who is sponsoring 100k!


Rules to participate:

  • The drawing has to be Perpheads related.
  • The drawing can be digital or on paper
  • The drawing has to be submitted before 12 september 23:59
  • The drawing needs to be original so no copying.
  • Must be a drawing
  • When there is an even vote @Josef Stalin will decied who wins.

How to win?

The community can vote on the art works if you give a drawing the ‘winner’ rating you will give your vote. You can vote on as many pieces as you want. The piece with the most winner ratings after the contest will close on 16 september wins!

Staff Members can participate however if they win they will only receive the 150k and the vip will be passed on to the second place. With the exeption of helpers.

I wish you all best of luck!