Server Events: 20/07/2018

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Server Events: 20/07/2018 - Friday 5PM GMT +1

Hi everyone!

Events to be hosted will be:

TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Glass Co Parker Raid
Two teams, one in parker and one in Glass Co. The idea? Try to kill each other as quickly as possible with all the weapons provided for you.

PRIZE: Winners will receive 50K each.​


TIME: 7:00PM

EVENT: Zombie Apocalypse
The suburbs district will be quarinted off, your job? Go in there and eliminate as many of the infected as possible, ammo supply areas will be dotted around the district. Let's just say this sounds easier than its going to be.
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In response to the event titled Mexican standoff. I regret to inform you the athletes you hired couldn’t cross the border into the US they will be unable to attend due to the lack of WiFi or computers in Mexico. Have a nice day.
The event is now called americano standoffo