Small Demo Update - 16/04/22

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This is just a very small update that changes the location of recorded demos from the demos folder to the data/phdemos folder. The reason we decided to change the folder is due to the demos folder being backed up by Steam Cloud. This is not exactly great since it forces you to upload large demo files every time you close your game and might even fill up your Garry's Mod's Steam Cloud entirely. In the worst case this might even prevent any important config files from being backed up.

Please note that this also means that new demos will no longer show up in the Demos menu in the main menu, since it only checks for files within the demos folder. If you want to watch a demo, simply copy the corresponding demo from the data/phdemos folder into the demos folder and it will show up as expected.

Additionally, we also added an option (enabled by default) to automatically delete any demos that are older than 21 days, which is the time you are required to keep demos according to the rules. This should prevent players who are not aware of automatic demo recording from filling up their entire hard drive space just with our demos. If you want to keep demos for longer, remember to untick this option in the F1 Menu. Please note that demos within the regular demos folder will not be deleted automatically, so you can safely copy highlights into the demos folder to prevent them from being deleted.

The help page section about demos will also be updated to reflect this change within the next few days.