Staff please review if applicable - A big hello from the past! Spanky Chicken

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A warm Hello to the formers and for the first time to all others!

My name in-game is Benjamin Warner and i’ve just recently returned to perp; Steadily watching for its population to spike up to 100 players again over the years, to which I'm really glad it has.

Its been around 5 years since I played last and I came back to a total play time of 17 days so it looks like I did like perp after all!

I want to cover my controversial history in hopes that the staff of perp will see my case first should something go wrong moving forward in light of the fact that I would love to be a part of the perp community again! I feel at odds with my only footprint on the forums being negative so please give me a chance after the time that has past.

On that note and in regards to the one singular post I ever made on the forums, I was inadvertently granted a comment in passing for one of the least-well received forum threads of all time(at the time); Probably putting me in hot water with alot of the senior members of the community unfortunately. But it was a different time... I was young and “very profound thinking” was cool then. Sorry about that one to the old dogs!

Other than that, I caught a couple of AR’s from a guy that had a serious grudge against me and my org of which he was apart of and then not because of a personal following out; You can imagine the emotional aspect of that circumstance- To which the admins took his side each time and dished out warnings in our direction(cant blame them, I never put up a fight).

Inevitably and in no particular order, I caught a decent 2 month ban. That situation was a s*** show. I think I got that particular admin in possibly the only sit I ever experienced and he was not having a good day. Frustration was in the air and he sent me to the void not only in-game but on the forums too. I hadn’t even engaged on the forums and he took my ability to appeal away from the get-go. It doesnt surprise me he wasnt exactly the most liked admin and ended up losing his staff privileges later in time. Call me salty but that was a really crappy way to get booted so early on and for so long when it wasnt exactly a fair case, I wont bother making it now, his ban shows the lack of explaining the context of the situation, he just flattened me under the ban hammer with no story to be told... cue my forum post of discontentment later on.

But my in-game experience was different. I was quite active with the community. My phone contact list was full to the brim and more than half of my steam friends list were perp players. I may not have had a voice on the forums but I was recognized well in-game and I mention it because I want that to remain important to the story. I always wanted perp to be healthy and following the rules 99.9% of the time was my intention as it is today. Things go wrong and I end up on the wrong side of the stick sometimes but I do not want it to look like I don’t follow the rules 99.9% of the time and do 0.01%. To the staff that read this, I hope you see my point.

Thus, I make my case. This community and experience is one-of-a-kind. Please let this new start separate me from the past.

Thanks guys and gals and Im happy to be back!
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Tbh mate there’s no need to come clean, a huge portion of the playerbase, staff and myself included have more toxic histories.
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I don't think we've met before but people change and people grow up and sometimes realise they don't agree with the morals, values and opinions that they had years before. A

Welcome back and take this as a chance to be the person you want to be and for other people to see. The community is way bigger now with a lit of new playera and staff so I don't think you'll have any problem with settle down :)