Staff Team Changes

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Staff Team Changes
We have just completed a review of various staff ranks, and we have decided to make some changes. The key change is the removal of the Head Administrator rank. After intensive discussions with @Bolli, we have agreed that this would also be the appropriate point for him to leave the staff team, so that he can focus on spending time with his family and dog.

@Bolli has been a valued member of the staff team for a very long time, and it will be sad to see him go. Personally, I have very fond memories of trying to scare him while he was sitting in noclip pretending to be AFK. His commitment has not gone unnoticed, so we are please give him the rank of Jonorary so that he can be with his Icelandic friend, @Jon Godinn.

@Collier will now perform the responsibilities previously held by the Head Administrator, as they are extremely simple and won't consume much of his time. Please congratulate him on his additional responsibilities.

Edit: For those that didn't realise, April Fools.
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