Changes to Senior Administration

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As you may of have noticed, @MrLewis has sadly resigned from his role as Senior Administrator. We'd like to thank him for his hard work and time he has given toward the staff team and the community during his time.

As a result, I've been attempting to decide who would be the right fit for the role, and have come to the conclusion that two Senior Administrators would be beneficial to pushing the staff team forward. This way we can handle refund requests, general community work & staff-related matters more effectively.

I hope you'll join me in congratulating @TinySlayer and @ayjay ツ to their new roles, and give them both a warm welcome to the Senior Administration team.

Thank you.
Ayjay and Tiny are both really hardworking individuals. They continuously help the server improve by dealing with reports and outside work for the server. I really do appreciate the amount of hard work and effort they put into it and I fully support your decision. Congratulations @TinySlayer & @ayjay ツ. Your work and dedication is phenomenal and it doesn’t go un-noticed.
if racxes gets admin i will mass rdm

OT: Been a while since we got 2 SA though I would also love to see how it works out with 3, Brinch is brilliant the way he handled my report and would be great IMO, also gz to Mr. A and T for getting SA.

Consider it Bjössi :angery: