Stepping down

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Hey guys, after a long thought I have decided to step down from Moderator due to IRL responsibilities. I don't ever want to be known as the staff member that went inactive and stayed staff as I feel it is unfair to the staff team. I may come back later when I have more time but for now, farewell good friends :). I have loved everyone around here... even the democrats.... sometimes... big shout out to @Dom_ for being a great friend and mentor on the staff team, @Husky for being one of my lifelong friends, @Aquaa for being a great friend as well, @LEWIS 088 for helping me out on the staff team and being a great mentor, @Collier and @Bolli for giving my toxic ass a chance, @Fredy for being a good friend and having as a hamburger eating partner, @Cole for training me and having someone to look up to. I am more than impressed with our new administration team including @blackdown and @flugs. You guys were great to grow with on the team and I am sure you will do great things.... if I failed to mention you sorry... but for now, farewell my friends.