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Main Idea: Increase recoil and decrease accuracy of the weapon to a unusable state (200-500% decrease) upon unrealistically strafing left and right.

Almost always during gunfights i see people do the rain dance when their shooting with a fully automatic weapon. At this point in time accuracy and recoil seem to be completely unaffected by this unrealistic movement. We have very realistic guns in perp but movement in shootouts like this still makes it seem like I'm on CS 1.3

Moving into a single direction can be accounted for but the strafing left and right quickly should trow you off balance greatly. See discussion post for video's

Why should it be added?: stops unrealistic movements.

Pros: No more unrealistic combats dances while shooting a full auto.

Cons: Frustrated fast shooting FPS players.
I do not disagree with this idea at all, I think it is a great idea. However, it does raise some issues regarding a few things.

When raiding, the people defending will have a HUGE advantage as they're already standing still, and you have to move.

Number two concern is shotguns. As it is basicly a gun with a lot of bullet spread, I doubt raindancing would have a huge impact on the shotguns. This would mean that shotgun users can still raindance.
No need. Just report the player under section 2.1 (Play Realistically) if you feel you have to
Jesus that's quite ignorant, this suggestion is here for three reasons id imagine.
1. Make less reports and AR's staff would need to deal with.
2. Balance gameplay.
3. Reduce bans

At least that's what i'd imagine this was made for but if not SlayerDucl can correct me. So by saying people should be "reporting them" is ridiculous if a feature could be added to avoid that.