Update Log 01/04/2024 – Vehicle Balance & Model Changes


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Update Patch Notes

As part of this update we would like to welcome @Ezza to the development team. He has already made some models and textures for us and some of his new models are also included in today's update.

Vehicle Balance​

Buckle up! It will feel like a totally different car!

Cars are an integral part of the gamemode experience.

Today, we are taking bold steps to make sure vehicles promote a fair environment that allows all players (old and new) to run over intersection jaywalkers on equal footing.

We have been experimenting with vehicle balance and present you our best work yet. The change affects virtually all vehicles, so the changelog is generic on purpose.
  • Improved vehicle spawn process
  • Balanced most vehicles
  • Changed Weight
  • Changed
  • Greatly increased fuel efficiency for all vehicles
These changes are experimental and may be subject to changes in the coming days. There are no plans to offer refunds at this time, as all vehicles are subject to further tweaks. We appreciate your positive feedback!

Model Changes​

  • Added Rectangular Coffee Table:
  • Replaced model for Gunpowder to differentiate it from Paint Buckets:
  • Replaced model for Stim Pack:
  • Replaced model for Car Security Upgrade and House Alarm:
  • Replaced model for Fancy Chest of Drawers:
  • Replaced model for Orange Juice
  • Replaced model for Cup of Joe with a 'to-go' cup:
  • Updated ATM UI to match the model introduced back in January
    Screenshot 2024-03-31 231129.png

Police State Policy​

Exceptional funding is funneled into the PLPD to help them fight crime. This gives TFU an anti-materiel sniper rifle and gives regular officers extra armor.

The activation of this policy constitutes a valid reason to overthrow the regime.


This is one of the seven police updates we are required to release before working on any new criminal features. We are slowly getting there, so thank you for your patience!

City Hotline Policies​

Two new policies have been added:
  • City Hotline : Enables the 101 phone number. Allow Paralake citizens to call the Mayor directly.
  • Call Center : While this is enabled, 101 calls are first routed to the Secret Service. (For the Mayor to receive calls as well, City Hotline must be enacted)

New Chests​

The old chest prop has been replaced and you can now set labels on them.

  • To set a label you must use SHIFT + E
  • The label will be readable from storage and inventory
      • AHlgRltfHcl2EZdG.png
    • lH9Y6JocGCTFoAAQ.png

Other Weapon Balancing​

In order to better balance the most powerful weapons on the server due to their frequent use, some changes have been made to limit their effectiveness.
  • Reduced movement speed while holding AS50
  • Reduced movement speed while holding M82

NPC Dialogs​

  • We’re thrilled to unveil a fresh UI for the NPC interactions
    • mMXJlyGsBNHxKKBN.png
    • dyJ9ulntWG4UpAK3.png

Other Changes​

  • Roadcrew XP has received a boost

This update includes a lot of changes we have decided to leave undocumented, to allow you to discover them at your own pace.

Thanks to the Development Team for the work on this update @Fredy @peeps @Carrot @Sindarin @Maia and to @Collier for his contribution.


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This is awesome! Always needed a dresser prop like that, coffee table is also very cool!
Love almost all of these changes, NPC dialogue will take a minute to get used to. :shamefullyembarrased: