Update Log - 04/11/2018

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Update Log - 04/11/2018

Small set of bug fixes from the last week with a couple of little bonuses...
  • Roadcrew trucks are discouraged from flying
  • Increased the AFK timer for premium players when the server isn't busy
  • Fixed being able to rob the bank while running for Mayor
  • Fixed mayor being able to spawn cars
  • Fixed defibrillator not coping with stacked bodies
  • Fixed TV's breaking parts of the UI
  • Fixed not drowning while driving cars under water
  • Fixed various bugs with chairs
  • Fixed some life alert descriptions
  • Fixed the bank vault not coping well with explosives
  • Fixed NPCs searching people's pockets for knives
  • Flushed away some deprecated code
Thanks to @Super_, @Momo, @nickjedl and @Henk
Glad that deprecated code has been flushed away.

Good job Simon!