Update Log - 11/01/2023

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Today's update is the continuation of an update I worked on months ago, attempting to reduce server lag at high player counts. Back then, we added "packs" of drugs rather than having individual items to reduce server load. Unfortunately, this also caused several issues such as them not displaying nicely in storage, when being confiscated, etc. This update reverses the behaviour of drugs back to how it used to be, while keeping all of the benefits for the server. Additionally, all food items and crafting materials will now also be handled in this new way internally, further reducing server stress.

Additionally, there are also a few more nice things from @Lelios1 and @Jyrgen in this update that you can read in the full update log below:

Update Log:
  • Drugs will now be displayed as individual items again
  • New shrugging animation
  • Gun poses edited to better match where the head is in first person (less potential for head glitches!)
  • New refined metal models, one for each level of refinement
  • Items on sale now only display bullet count/etc while directly looking at them
  • Changed item halo for items on sale to be green when you have enough money buy the item, red otherwise
  • Increased the maximum sale price price of items to $2,000,000 from $200,000
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