Update log - 15/01/2023

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Today's update includes mostly much needed bug fixes but also some cool new features from @Jyrgen and @_Muffin.
  • Two new police barricade models
  • Added ability to refill fire extinguishers at FD for $250 per extinguisher
  • Removed option to adjust items on sale
    • Items on sale now always display the price without tax
    • The text and halo will now display their color (red/green) based on the price including tax, i.e. if the item can actually be bought.
  • Fixed phone calls still being made if the phone is closed immediately after making a call
  • Fixed LUA errors sometimes happening when buying clothes, instead notify player of the exact error
  • Fixed trunks always being constrained to a max weight of 50
  • Fixed several trunk/chest bugs involving being able to transfer items of a category
  • The current player count is now being displayed in the top right of the scoreboard
  • Fixed workbench UI setting all item counts to 1 after transferring certain items
  • Fixed items put up for display being able to be picked up by anyone