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13-09-2015 Update log

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Smallish update that has some big changes involved but nothing that radically changes the entire gamemode. I will underline the biggest change in my opinion that will take some getting used to.
  • Big drugs if lost in a server crash will now restore large pots instead of 5 small pots
  • Courier job can now unlock/open their warehouse
  • Admin tool fixed (staff feel free to ask me for more detail)
  • Binoculars now show in hand, it's not perfect like cuffs and such but it works well enough
  • Voice/text chat in water disabled (OOC type messages obviously still work but not recommended as you can still drown)
  • A lot of police gear except for items that an officer would have directly on their belt is now an item that must be equipped. (e.g. binoculars, roadspikes, battering ram, etc)
  • Remote explosives are now craftable using an explosive, cell phone, electronics chip, and glue. When placed it will text you with a 5-digit number to call. This number upon being...

28-08-2015 Update log

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Ok first off let me start by saying the largest feature of this update will be released for testing by a select few as we are looking at ways to improve it before allowing others.

So let's hop to it shall we?

Police dispatcher!!!
They will have the dedicated task to organize, manage, and maintain a proper coordination among all emergency services. This includes setting of patrol areas, assigning incidents, and grouping people into units. This addition will be opened more to the public but on a separate whitelist system than the sergeant/lieutenant as it requires far more skills and training. While we tried to take some care as to make it easy to use, the current control is a bit complex and may need improvements based on what we discover with it. If you're interested in what the current control is like... Here is a preview image...

CS:GO Tournament Stream

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@Ben Lockwood

24/08 Schedule
de_Goons vs ETC - 5PM vs 90sd8fß0hgß0a2kl Carry - 7PM
TBD vs TBD (Group A Qualifier) - Approx. 8PM​

20-08-2015 Small Update Log

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Bug Fixes:

  • Adjusted the Glock20 viewmodel
  • Fishing rod no longer pushes you along
  • Replaced broken radio channels
  • Fixed the radio cutting out
  • Empty vehicles now damage players
  • Honorary Phys-gun fixed
New Additions:

  • New radio wheel


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