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Happy Halloween!

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Though I'm not sure what there's to be happy about. Humanity is on the verge of collapse, zombies are starting to infest our cities, Paralake included! Stock up on your guns, ammo, grenades, any type of firearm you can get your hands on, it's not safe out there! If you're not careful you might end up a victim to this plague yourself. If you see a zombie be sure to aim for the head. Sure some may go down easy but believe me, not all zombies are the same. We need to all band together and convince this new Police Board lead by @Jordan that firearms are a necessary tool in wiping out this zombie scourge! No one will be eating our brains today! Again word from all other cities dealing with this pandemic suggest that aiming for the head is the best bet to stop these suckers. Let's hope we don't have to deal with them for too long and this is all a bad experiment that the government cleans up soon.

On a more positive note I suppose, available only for Halloween...

01-10-2015 Update log

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The update everyone has been asking for, for the longest time! Updated storage! Now you can find any item you may have never seen since that one time you had it out but then had returned to you. Enjoy it!

Features include:
  • Items are sorted by category type, then alphabetical by item name
  • Personal inventory weight indicated at bottom of panel
  • Name of the item mouse is hovered over at the top center of the window
  • Scroll bar if you have too many items to show on one side
  • Search box for finding a specific item by name, searches both sides
  • Left click - withdraw 1
  • Right click - withdraw 5
  • Drag and drop - transfer up to 100 items at once either way (limited by weight, category limit, etc.)
  • Number in inventory indicated in bottom right of item box
  • Ammo boxes are withdrawn by the most full box to least full

Server Events: 27/09/15 - Sunday GMT+0

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Server Events: 27/09/15 - Sunday GMT+0

Hello there guys! So, the results are in and the events listed below will be the ones being hosted on Sunday. Hope to see you all there!


TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Beach Derby

Description: People that would like to participate in the event will be instructed to take their cars to the beach. A platform is built which is erected above the sea, same place as the 6x6 event. One by one, people will start having their cars brought up to the platform by a staff member and everyone will be placed next to each other and the same on the other sides of the platform. When the go ahead is given, everybody then just unleashes into each other until there is only one car left on the platform.

WINNER: @jjjackier

TIME: 6:00PM

EVENT: Bat Battle

Description: An area for the event is chosen by the staff...​

13-09-2015 Update log

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Smallish update that has some big changes involved but nothing that radically changes the entire gamemode. I will underline the biggest change in my opinion that will take some getting used to.
  • Big drugs if lost in a server crash will now restore large pots instead of 5 small pots
  • Courier job can now unlock/open their warehouse
  • Admin tool fixed (staff feel free to ask me for more detail)
  • Binoculars now show in hand, it's not perfect like cuffs and such but it works well enough
  • Voice/text chat in water disabled (OOC type messages obviously still work but not recommended as you can still drown)
  • A lot of police gear except for items that an officer would have directly on their belt is now an item that must be equipped. (e.g. binoculars, roadspikes, battering ram, etc)
  • Remote explosives are now craftable using an explosive, cell phone, electronics chip, and glue. When placed it will text you with a 5-digit number to call. This number upon being...

28-08-2015 Update log

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Ok first off let me start by saying the largest feature of this update will be released for testing by a select few as we are looking at ways to improve it before allowing others.

So let's hop to it shall we?

Police dispatcher!!!
They will have the dedicated task to organize, manage, and maintain a proper coordination among all emergency services. This includes setting of patrol areas, assigning incidents, and grouping people into units. This addition will be opened more to the public but on a separate whitelist system than the sergeant/lieutenant as it requires far more skills and training. While we tried to take some care as to make it easy to use, the current control is a bit complex and may need improvements based on what we discover with it. If you're interested in what the current control is like... Here is a preview image...

CS:GO Tournament Stream

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@Ben Lockwood

24/08 Schedule
de_Goons vs ETC - 5PM vs Feng Carry - 7PM
TBD vs TBD (Group A Qualifier) - Approx. 8PM​

20-08-2015 Small Update Log

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Bug Fixes:

  • Adjusted the Glock20 viewmodel
  • Fishing rod no longer pushes you along
  • Replaced broken radio channels
  • Fixed the radio cutting out
  • Empty vehicles now damage players
  • Honorary Phys-gun fixed
New Additions:

  • New radio wheel

15-08-2015 Update log

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I suppose I better make this now, was too tired to type it all up last night. Anyways...

This update is courtesy of several members of the community who have suggested ideas on our forums, so thank you to everyone who has. So in no particular order, here they are.

@Ultimate With his stacking ammo boxes idea. FOUND HERE This works by clicking on an ammo box it will load your most full box with the least full. So if you have 4 pistol ammo with: 30, 21, 14, 9 rounds when you click on the ammo box in your inventory it will load the 9 bullets one into the one with 21, removing the one with 9 bullets and giving you then two boxes with 30 bullets and one with 14.

@Allen Kennedy For the idea of showing the phone in hand, not just holding it up to act as if you are looking at it. FOUND HERE...

25-07-2015 Update log

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Alright well some of you might've seen on my profile page here on the forums that I took a bit of a hiatus from working on things for the server as it's felt nonstop and it was effecting other areas of my life. However before then I did do a few more things that I am going to release for this weekend, fingers crossed I didn't make any mistakes that are too extreme. Here it is in a nutshell though.

  • Bound acts (in F1 menu) don't play while typing in chat or in other windows
  • Panic button has 30 second cooldown to prevent spam (as several people were likely to do if they had it bound to a key)
  • Misdemeanor ticket now gives reason window when ticketing car like it did before while on foot
  • Option to refuse ticket is gone, as before review this section of the laws if you are unfamiliar with your rights.
  • Tickets now go into inventory instead of instant withdrawals and keep the price the ticket was issued at...

11-07-2015 Update log

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Whoo-hoo it's that time again, hope you're ready for some changes! Some may prove popular, other ones not so much but it is what it is. Only a few of them may I revert depending on the results of what happens or the level of abuse.

    • Disabling a vehicle no longer immediately ejects all occupants whether it was from an accident, being shot, running people over, etc.
    • Driver exiting a disabled car ejects all other occupants (yes this may result in people getting stuck in each other with some vehicles, but not much can be done about that)
    • Shooting a vehicle (in order of outcomes) will first puncture tires, then disable vehicle, if driver remains in a vehicle after being disabled they will take damage from each subsequent shot.
    • As an occupant of a vehicle that crashes not only does this stun you, but it also now deals damage directly to you. (This may sometimes deal more damage than it should but again, we don't control how...

PerpHeads | 2 Years Running

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As the Community has just celebrated its 2 year anniversary we thought we’d make this thread to commemorate this milestone. To start off here’s a piece from @StephenPuffs about the community’s history and how the server came to be:

Perpheads was derived from Jarheads which was the name of an organization all 4 owners (Fredy, Xquality, Tanges, and myself) met and played as for quite some time on a different server and since we all loved how PERP was, and that ****heads usually means you're a fan of something, and perp also meaning criminals which PERP is kind of based off of, Perpheads made perfect sense.

That server eventually decided to stop and we all still had each other added from Steam. After a number of months the owners of the old server (VS3 for those interested) contacted Xquality asking if he would have any interest in them relaunching, which he said yes to and...

Update - 06/07/2015: 70 player slots

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Why hello there guys!

You might be aware from @Fredy's update post earlier in the week. The server has been upgraded: In result of this, we thought it might be a good idea to see how the server would manage with 10 extra players on the server, so as of today the server is now up to 70 slots. However this may not be permanent, we want to make sure that it doesn't make a significant impact on performance. We'll be posting back on this thread tonight on the verdict if we'll be keeping it or not!

Have a good one!

New Server

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Today we upgraded our server to a new model. It offers us a new type of DDoS protection specifically designed for games like Garry's Mod and it's gonna be exciting to see whether or not it is gonna help to protect us from bad DDoS attacks. Another great thing is that we now have the best cpu available to run a Garry's Mod server on (i7-4790k, there simply isn't any other processor with that kind of single core performance:
We hope this will make the server a bit more stable and reduce pings of players online thus making gameplay a lot smoother during peak times.
Some of you or your friends might still have problems connecting to the new server because the domain points to the wrong ip. In this case simply run "ipconfig /flushdns" in cmd.exe. You could also use the ip for the moment.
If you notice any problems because we switched to the new server please message me directly on the forums.

Server Events: 13/06/15 - Saturday 5:00PM GMT+0

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Server Events: 13/06/15 - Saturday 5:00PM GMT+0

Hello there guys! So, the results are in and the events listed below will be the ones being hosted tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!


TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Sky High Skipping

WINNER: @Puma123

Description: 'Sky High Skipping' involves all participants on the top of a building. A staff member will be at the corner. A few commands will be entered and said staff member will begin spinning on the spot with their physgun beam out and participants will be forced to jump over the physics gun beam so they do not get picked up by it, if they are picked up by the beam they will be dropped off the edge. Slowly it will begin to get faster as well.

TIME: 6:00PM

EVENT: Bat Battle

WINNER: Blue team

Description: An area for the event is chosen by the staff team before the event then some construction will take place to make it...​

06-06-2015 / 07-06-2015 Update

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All cars have officially been finished so the balancing should be all set!!! I may post the full table of vehicles and their respective speeds at some point but for now just know it more or less is the amount of money spent on the car for initial purchase and upgrades that effects the speed.

If any car (this is more likely true on higher end ones) has an absolutely horrid turning radius (at slow speeds) please notify me either by a private conversation with an appropriate subject line or on the Updating Vehicles thread itself. To anyone complaining about cars being too slow or police too fast, I have some ideas regarding this that may be put into effect at some point. However I am 100% happy with the speed of vehicles now that I have balanced them so any request to buff a car I will simply be ignoring.

Now you're asking, why does...

Small Update 09/05/2015

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Small number of fixes and changes for this weekend including new items. We may add more later on but for now these were added on quick notice by @StephenPuffs as there are some items that are included but uncraftable/obtainable other than by a senior staff member. If you find any bugs please report them to myself or post on issue tracker here:


Stim Packs now weigh over 50% less

Adjusted the VIP physgun (What's 'wrong' with it is that there is a limited range on it to avoid prop climbing/push/surf)

Reduced the chance of rain

Fixed the Book of Law background


Added 7 new props

*Mini StephenPuffs not included

Wall Mounted Shelves - Crafted
Short Wooden Fence - Crafted
Short Chain Link Fence -...

Server Update 5/2/2015

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Server Update: 5/2/2015

The dev team has just released a new update that includes mostly fixes and some smaller changes. As always please put in the bug tracker any issues you may find.

Fixed binoculars

Fixed fire extinguishers

Fixed the volume of knocking

Improved the anti-stuck

Increased brightness when it’s raining/night

Adjusted some crafting timers

Fixed shop signs not displaying at times

Fixed jailbreaks

Readjusted sniper scope sensitivity

Fixed metal detectors

All life alert locations redone (more precise)

Filled guns now stack on top in storage

Fixed pistol ammo displaying in storage

Fixed both grenades (I’d suggest you don’t forget to throw)

Phone fixes/changes

Behind the scenes code cleanup

A lot of general bug fixes

Stuff no one remembers but should help...​

Server Events: 19/04/2015 - Sunday 4:00PM BST+0

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Server Events: 19/04/2015 - Sunday 4:00PM BST+0

: 4:00PM

EVENT: Duck Huntin'

Winner(s): Heatz [Eddie Stallone] & BA98 [Ben Anderson]

Prize: The successful hunter: M24 Sniper Rifle

Description: People that would like to participate in the event will be placed on top of the city office and will be instructed to line up along the edge of it facing the car dealer. One of our trusty throwaway staff members will be placed at the car dealer car park and will be instructed to run around like a headless chicken. When the all clear is given, participants will be automatically given an M24 Sniper with unlimited ammunition then have to attempt to kill the poor Duck, due to the render distance you won't actually be able to see him so winning the event will be down to luck. The person who successfully kills the duck will receive a free M24 Sniper Rifle to take home...​

04/04/2015 - Server Crashes Resolved

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04/04/2015 - Server Crashes Resolved

As all of you have noticed already the server kept crashing for the past few days and some guy has claimed to be the one causing them. I have found out how he was doing it and completely blocked all attacks like this from happening again.

For anyone who wants to know a bit more:
The DoS attack that was used to crash the server was most likely something called a TCP SYN flood attack (You can read up on it here). As soon as someone tries to connect to a server through TCP (rcon as an example) the server sends a response to the client which the client has to respond to for the connection to open successfully (that way people can't fake their IP). The problem here is that the server pretty much stores the request for some time to wait for the client's response. A TCP SYN flood just spams tons of...

02/04/2015 - Frequent server crashes

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02/04/2015 - Frequent server crashes

Good evening guys, if you were on the server yesterday evening or today, you will have noticed that server seems to be crashing every 5 minutes or so. The owners are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix for it. The website and Team Speak 3 are not impacted. For all premium players, 2 days of premium will be added for you for compensation for the 'down-time'. Overall, we're sorry for the inconvenience caused by this!​

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