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PERPHeads Community Awards 2019 - Results

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There goes another community awards, a sixth to be exact! I'd like to thank you all for taking part in the awards for another year, next year is going to bring a whole bunch of cool new updates which we can't wait to share with you.
We also hope to see you all this time next year for the 7th annual commnity awards!

Here are your winners for this year...

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PERPHeads Community Awards 2019

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*cough cough* drum roll please...

After a rocky few months of uncertainty this year, we have bounced back in fighting form and we're here to celebrate a 6th iteration of the PERPHeads community awards. We've lost a few, gained a few and @Bolli is undenibly still useless. We hope to bring you some brilliant updates early next year, along with map updates, new jobs, new features and plenty other suprises that we can't wait to share with you.

2019 Updates & Announcements:
Chemical Table Update
Update Log (03/03/2019)
Update Log (09/03/2019)
PERPHeads Player Appreciation...

Update Log - 26/11/2019

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A few weeks ago, we re-released evocity_v33x_perpheads, a former map used on the server back in 2013. We hope you guys are enjoying the change in scenery, it seems to have got you guys playing the server again which is brilliant to see. As said in the original release post, there were a few small bugs which we have now fixed, along with a couple other features we've added to the map.

Here's a full list of changes:
  • Fixed hole in the industrial area
  • Increased general lighting in nexus
  • Moved shooting range to allow it to be usable
  • Removed remaining ambient noises
  • Added areaportals to improve performance in the city
  • Fixed apartment doors
  • Fixed PD doors being too loud
  • Added bank vault to city bank to allow for bank robberies
  • Added bank sign
  • Lowered the skybox
  • Lowered the nexus' overall height
  • Removed Izzies poker tables, allowing for functional ones to be placed
  • Optimized...

Update Log - 9/11/2019

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After an excruciating week of setting up our first map change (as voted for in the poll), we are finally done!

The first map in the pool is Evocity, we hope you enjoy a little nostalgia! Please note that there may be some issues/bugs with the current map, we are aware of these and we'll be working hard to push out fixes over the next few days.

We hope you enjoy this little update, we also have a number of other great updates in the works which will be released soon!

A special thanks to these people for making this update possible: @Yoghurt @Madda @LEWIS 088 @Fredy @SpaceShots

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