Ban Apology @Madda @Collier

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Appealing for: Ban
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: @Madda @Collier
How long were you banned for: Permanent

Your Steam Name: Zoephix
Your In-game Name: James Casey
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:50197118

Why were you banned/blacklisted: Cheating
Why should this appeal be considered:
Right, some time has passed now since I have been banned and since I have made my
last apology, so I thought I would try again.

I'll start off by explaining the story a bit.

I logged into the server once on an alternative account with my cheats enabled,
this was a big stupid mistake, I didn't expect to get permanently banned.
Which is quite logical if you think about it. But I was not thinking straight at the time.
Then after I was banned I decided to lie to Madda and Collier about it.
Which was extremely stupid. I dont know what I was thinking but yet I did it.

Since I got banned I have regretted my actions alot. Especially as I have been a part
of this community for so long. And I always enjoyed playing on it massively.
I have missed this community every single day since my ban and I really want to return.

The actions and decisions I made that day were stupid, and as I said before I regret them alot.
I enjoyed playing on the server every time that I did, if it was raiding with my friends,
or roleplaying as an officer. I enjoyed it a lot. And because of my ridiculous
actions that is now not possible anymore.

I would like to apologize to Madda and Collier for me being a pain in the ass,
and lieing to them aswell. I wasted a lot of their time which was incredibly dumb.
I am very sorry for my actions and lies to you guys. It was not fair to lie in any kind of way,
and I think the ban was justified. But now approximately 5 months after my ban for cheating,
I wish to be able to play on the server again, and have fun with my friends again.

If Collier and/or Madda wish to speak with me privately on TeamSpeak I would ofcourse
consent and come on to speak with you both.

My actions were stupid and my lies we're childish and I wish to clear this up,
if that is possible.

Additional Comment(s): Sorry for my actions, if I get to return I will not make the same mistake ever again.
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