Ban Apology (@Maia)

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Punishment Type: Ban
Appeal Type: Apology
Which staff member issued the punishment?: @Maia
How long were you banned/blacklisted for?: 3 Weeks

Your Steam Name: VREDFEDE
Your Roleplay Name: andrew bandi
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:520773768

Why were you banned/blacklisted?: 3.4 - User gunpointed and shot a police officer for no reason

Why should this appeal be considered?: I am sorry about what happened my only excuse was that i thought i had a reason because the cop had a gun in his hand and was talking to the people I just shot and there was a medic too there so i thought i had a reason. Later when i looked at the clip i realized how dumb I was and that the cop was just investigating. i have 2days left of the ban and i wanted to ask as politely as possible (English is hard) for you guys to let me play because i don't really have time in the week and i want to paly with my friend. The first time I got banned by @Maia i was banned for 1 week it later went to 3 weeks which i am ok with and not mad at anybody that decided to raise it because let's be fair i have a horrible record. , if any of you read this and hope you guys understand that I am actually sorry and want to apologize to the cops that i killed ( and 2 civilians), Anyways I was banned 2 weeks and 5 days if I could get unbanned it would be very nice.

Additional Information: Maia is a good admin
Not open for further replies.