Cocaine is Trash: A Documentary

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Hi, before I begin, cocaine is kinda booty and resident sleeper. Better off making boats and rdming people.

Should you want to continue here is a guide
1. Before Drying The Coke:
(All prices in guide assume you're not an idjot and buy at 0%)

A single big planter full of cocaine now gives ~11 coke leaves each. To get that into the cocaine you can sell, you must dry it. The setup for drying cocaine is as follows,

1 Chemical Table (Furniture Tab) @ $6325
2 Burners (Uncle Cos right NPC) @ $800 each
2 Pyrex Dishes (Furniture Tab) @ $725 each
2 Propane Tanks (Uncle Cos left NPC) @ $1500 each and have to be refilled once used up
1 Newspaper per leaf (Gas Station) @ $200 each
1 Acid per leaf (Gas Station and Uncle Cos) @ price and effectiveness varies per acid used, will get into later this guide

Total to get started setup = $12,375 (Price excludes acids and newspapers)


2. Actually Drying The Coke:
Now that the table is all set up, you put the newspaper down first and then the leaves on next.
Turn the power up to 5 and the coke should start drying.
First stage of drying takes ~45 seconds and ends at 50%, after that put the acid of choice to the dishes
The second stage of drying also takes ~45 seconds and then you can collect afterwards. Yield varies on acid used.


3. Statistics
I tested each acid and their average production of cocaine per leaf with a small sample size (10) for each. All tests were run at a constant 5 power and instant pick up/ingredient adding. It's up to you to decide which one would be the best to use. Hydrochloric acid is the worst acid to use tho. I'll be doing more information gathering later on to get a better estimate of the average with the bigger sample size tests.

Format as follows, sorted by average yield: (Name of Acid) - (Location of Purchase) - (Price per Unit) - (Average Yield per Leaf) - (Min/Max)

  1. Iodine - Uncle Cos - $200 - 9.9 - 6/13
  2. Acetone - Uncle Cos - $200 - 9.4 - 6/12
  3. Lye - RC - $300 - 9.4 - 6/15
  4. Hydrochloric - RC - $1000 - 9.2 6/18
  5. Toluene - Uncle Cos - $150 - 7.5 - 6/10
Now, if harvest with VIP gave 22 leaves, the gross income of each acid ,respectively, would be:
  1. 217.8 x $150 = $32,670
  2. 206.8 x $150 = $31,020
  3. 206.8 x $150 = $31,020
  4. 202.4 x $150 = $30,360
  5. 165 x $150 = $24,750
However, the cost of the the materials have to take account too. Also, the occasional $1,500 per tank.
Each plant takes around 32 minutes each and 22 leaves mean 33 minutes of total drying time.
[Gross - (22(Acid + 200))] = Net

  1. $32,670 - $8,800 = $23,870/~$29,529 per hour
  2. $31,020 - $8,800 = $22,220 /~$27,488 per hour
  3. $31,020 - $11,000 = $20,020/~$24,767 per hour
  4. $30,360 - $26,400 = $3,960/~$4,898 per hour
  5. $24,750 - $7,700 = $17,050/~$21,092 per hour
Now, lets take a look at other drugs/the old cocaine growing.

Prior to the update, 1 batch of cocaine, that's 2 planter boxes, gave ~175 cocaine in about 32 minutes, which is $26,250. However, it costs $0 to produce and didn't have to dry. This allows for 2 batches in the same amount of time as it takes for 1 batch of cocaine + drying which is $52,500 or $49,218 per hour, which is also nearly double the best acid used. Also, cocaine now requires a table space (which is already very limited) and could be put to better use making meth. Also also, drying leaves is extra tedious for no gain in money.

Lets take a look at weed which has been unchanged in the update. Weed gives ~90 per batch at 16 minutes each. That's $13,500 per batch or $54,000 in the same amount of time or $50,625 per hour and requires no table or any extra processes.

Meth, with the right recipe, nets around $17,750 per 15 minutes or $71,000 an hour. You can also do both meth and weed at the same time for an absurd ~$121,000 an hour. Can't do meth and cocaine at the same time.

So lets look at the list of some per hour net income.
Meth + Weed ~$121,000
Meth alone ~$71,000
Weed ~$50,625
Old Cocaine ~$49,218
New Cocaine, Best Acid ~$29,529
9.5 Ticket - -$10,000
Base Police Salary 40% - $7,980
Base Medic Salary 40% - $6,930
New Cocaine, Worst Acid ~$4,898
Citizen Salary 40% - $720

tl;dr don't do cocaine it's actually shit now even more than before

heres some meth "accidents tho"

thanks to @Mage and @Sorle for the help information gathering

and these idiots for being idiots
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Wow, getting money on perp really became shit. I mean it never was enjoyable but it's all gone over the top. I'm glad I already grinded, got the cars, weapons and had fun then gave it away when I stopped fully playing. Would hate to grind again, absolute pisstake.
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The new drug system that came out back in March 2018 use planter box which give more than the old one that you need to grow it by using crafting function through f1 menu then the new update which is meth is very good profit and they even lowered the glass shard price to 200$ which mean attachments for guns is even cheaper so I don't know what are you on about
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Increase cocaine to either $200 or $250 like meth and it will be decent. Sure it is an overall easier process than meth and has no risk as well as lower cost of ingredients, however you lose out on too much money by doing coke rather than doing meth+weed. So unless the profit is matched, it probably wont be used, because meth isnt even hard to do once you grasp the basics and become efficent.
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o canada
I made a mistake with my calculations and assumed that only 1 dish could be used for drying when 2 can be used, halving the time for drying. New values have reflected the changed average net income per hour. The change isn't much either only a 7k price increase for best acid.

If price for cocaine was upped to $200 each, the net income per batch would be ~$34,760 or ~$43,002 per hour, which is still a nerf from the old system. Another possible way of fixing this would be increasing the average amount of cocaine per leaf by about 8, which would give a net income of about $62,189. This way, there would be no price change for anyone who grew cocaine before.