Community Spotlight - December 2022

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Happy New Year

I would like to take this opportunity at the end of the year to wish everybody in the community a happy new year and I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas however you choose to celebrate it. This year has seen one of the largest increases in players for the community thanks to the work put in by our developers and owners who have introduced changes to the way the server has been advertised and the new player experience including the mission system which has increased new player retention. I would like to extend my thanks to the 57 staff members that have been helping guide new players and deal with administrative tasks such as reports. I would finally like to thank the players that have remained with us throughout all these years, we will hit 10 years of running later this year and some of you including myself have been here for all if not most of this, so thank you for sticking together and truly making this a community.​
Player Showcase

The below images have been taken by Community Management throughout December or have been posted in the Community Discord. If you would like a chance of your photo being featured in the next spotlight then get posting. If you have been featured in this section you will receive a spotlight recognition trophy on the forums.​
Suburbs House by @Ellie
7th December 2022​
Festive Casino by @Super_
7th December 2022​
Food Bank by @Ellie
8th December 2022​
Suburbs House by @Palodhi and @Jake_
9th December 2022​
Christmas Build by @EmmaAmIRight, @Snusmus and Friends
9th December 2022​
Nuclear Waste by @lencz
12th December 2022​
Highway Signs by @northnortheast
13th December 2022​
Shooting Range by @Lurker (DilanTheSkarf)
17th December 2022​
Roast Rogue Coffee by @rogue
17th December 2022​
New Player Map by @Dave
29th December 2022​
Key Moments

$259.77 Raised for Charity
@Aquaa hosted a livestream which was officially endorsed as a community event, thanks to your generosity we managed to raise a total of $259.77 for St Jude's Children's Hospital which absolutely thrashed our goal within the first 10 minutes.​

30th December 2022​
$4,000,000 Giveaway
A giveaway was hosted by @Oddy giving out prizes to a total of $4,000,000 which has received quite a lot of participation for quite a serious award. You can find more information about the giveaway by clicking here.​
18th December 2022​
Christmas Market
A number of officially hosted Christmas Market occurred throughout the month with the best one shown below. A number of players took part both to open stalls selling items or just as customers to have a look. We even had @Riekelt from the Police Department making sure the events went smoothly.​
22nd December 2022​
Talent Show
An officially hosted talent show took place at the Bazaar this month, which attracted quite a lot of attention but with the person in the image below being by far the best. It was an awesome evening and thanks to those who took part whether watching or participating.​
25th December 2022​
Rule of the Month

The rule of the month has been decided by the staff team. The rule we are focusing on this month will be 3.24 Staying In-Character. This means players are prohibited from bringing out-of-character information into in-character gameplay. The main problem we have seen regarding this lately is players calling others out for breaking the rules in voice or local chat, we would like to remind players to make a report using F6 instead of calling players out so it can be handled correctly. The staff team will be taking extra enforcement and educational action throughout this month regarding this rule.​
"Players are prohibited from bringing out-of-character information into in-character gameplay. Out of character information is defined as any information that would not be realistically accessible to your character. Common examples include discussing server rules during roleplay situations and initiating a raid on the sole basis of viewing illegal substances through a wall. Players may also not discuss ongoing in-character situations in out-of-character chat. The exception to this rule allows you to talk about OOC related things when it does not affect anyone around you, or anyone openly involved in a roleplay situation, for example when inside your base or in a private area"
Closing Information

Thank you for being a member of the community in 2022 and taking your time to read this months, and end of year community spotlight. I hope you enjoy the change in format for this spotlight, please leave feedback below. The developers will continue to work hard on our server throughout this year and of course there are some exciting plans actively being worked on such as updates to organisations and the new version of the map. As always, if you want to be featured next month make sure you get posting in Discord and if you need anything you can contact either Community Managers @Tyla Jai and @Efan.​