PERPHeads Community Awards 2022 - Vote

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Awards Introduction

I am very excited to be hosting this year's PERPHeads Community Awards, following on from the last one this is going to be a big list of available awards. This is the biggest community awards we have ever seen with 30 voteable categories for our nineth annual community awards. The community has continued to grow year after year, with the biggest growth being seen this year in both players and the staff team. That is why this year we have increased the number of categories to 30 so that more of the community can be represented. There will be some information below on how to submit your votes however before that I would like to reflect on the changes made this year.​

Updates this Year
Community Manager's Changes
  • Improvements to PERPHeads Help
  • Improvements to Staff Complaints & Response Times
  • Review and Improved Forum Trophies
  • Work on the In-Character Forum Section
  • Introduced Announcements to Discord
  • Running the Decal Competition
  • Increase on Helper Recruitment due to Demand
  • Improvements to Administrative Forms
  • Improved Toxicity Tracking and Punishments
  • Introduced System to Monitor New Player Raids & Muggings
  • Introduced Rule of the Month
  • Allocation of Chief of Department
Award Categories
  • Best Aim
  • Best Firefighter
  • Best Mayor
  • Best Paramedic
  • Best Police Officer
  • Best Police Supervisor
  • Best Community Manager
  • Best Administrator
  • Best Senior Moderator
  • Best Moderator
  • Best Developer
  • Best Helper
  • Best Roleplayer
  • Best New Player
  • Best Builder
  • Best Driver
  • Best Organisation Leader
  • Biggest Snitch
  • Biggest Troll
  • Biggest Criminal
  • Most Funny
  • Most Salty
  • Most Creative
  • Most Friendly
  • Most Helpful
  • Most Dedicated
  • Most Controversial
  • Most Respected
  • Worst Aim
  • Worst Suggestions
Voting Information
  • You can vote for all categories but may only complete the form once
  • You will require a Discord Account which is a member of our Discord Server
  • Your Discord Account must be connected to PERPHeads via Steam, if you aren't sure how to do this please contact a member of staff
  • You can't vote for yourself on any categories, your vote will be skipped if you do
  • You can skip a vote by simply putting "N/A" or similar, but we encourage you to fill them all out
  • You must not ask / bribe people to vote for you, you will be disqualified if you do
  • You need to include a clear community forum name to register a vote, if I don't know who you're on about then its being skipped

You can click the below button to vote

Voting Closes on 20th November 2022​
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I'm the best Firefighter

yeah i'll come to the forest to spook you like i used to. wait that kinda rhymes