I'm Starting to Stream!

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I've decided to make a twitch channel and fix it up a bit for my own liking and personalisation, I'll be streaming a bit at random times, but I plan to start streaming more within the weekends when I don't have school.

I'll be streaming anything, but I'll mostly focus on Squad, PUBG and GMOD.

I'll link this here and post on forums whenever I'll start streaming. Thank you for viewing this thread!​
Helping our boy @Kenty to make his stream look fabs o_O

sorry i no like its just some clipped purple google image and an ugly font
also no one likes big ass overlays put on a game make it smaller
use another font that doesn't look like Times New Roman or some crap
make it less obnoxious and make it more minimalistic, this current version will take up a lot of space
this white space on the top

hope you like my shit feedback
just don't have overlays on ur game its bad
especially STATIC ONES

the only thing you might want a overlay for is for your cam which you do not use