Recoil update.

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Main idea: Updating Recoils.

At the moment gun variety has become extremely stale, its an M4 orrrrr an M4. if you fancy a switch up you might use a sniper or another m4 with a zenith :kappa:

I'd like to see SMG's used more commonly and by more than just @Creepis, it would be amazing to see Smg's carry an extremely low recoil with their low damage to compensate. Currently the M4 is one broken piece of shit lazer beam cancer machine and is a beast for anyone: Proven here by @Stevo-A

I think it would be a good idea to increase the recoil on the M4 if not ALL Assault rifles.
  • Increased skill gap
  • Hopefully more variation and more common to see semi-auto.
  • More realistic.
  • More variation in weapon choice.

  • Maybe harder for newer players / people with less FPS experience.
i actually play worse because of the lack of recoil because i naturally always start moving my mouse down to compensate, but there is literally no recoil and something needs to be changed

I highly agree on decreasing the SMG recoil. No one uses SMG becaues the recoil is too much and the fact you're better of having a fully automatic rifle that even has less recoil and shoots a higher caliber. It's sad to see that SMG's aren't used, even when you have leveled your Submachinegun marksman ship it's still not worth using lol.
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I dont see why recoil has to be adjusted
once u get on my lvl its ez mode and the time and effort you put into 100 marksmanship should be worth it with easier gameplay
Rifle marksmanship and shotgun marksmanship is Overpowered, sub marksmanship doesn't do shit. If you READ MR WEEB you would see RIFLES ARE OVERPOWERED!!!!
Totally +support

since an SMG is weaker then a gun wich uses rifle ammo
it should have lower recoil aswell this is great for new players aswell
because they then could focus on SMG instead to rifle at the beginning
cause to level SMG is of course easier then SMG

We need this update Husky is right you always see AK-47 or M4A1 thats it
I completely agree with this. I also feel like the Recoil System needs a rework. SMGs are obsolete and are suicide to use even with 100 SMG marksman. I feel Rifles need a big increase and SMGs and Big Decrease. Not Like it would matter to me with my 10 fps gunfights.
This is a great discussion to have.

I think the easiest (or most basic) way to have a balanced weapon system is to first list out the intended advantages and disadvantages for all of the classes of firearms and then try to come to a conclusions on features to accommodate these.

Just using the common video game standards of weapons as examples:

Shotguns: close range
SMGs: Fast firing, close - mid range, typically low dmg
Rifles - Mid - Long range, lower fire rate, more recoil
Snipers - Long range, extremely deadly, difficult to aim, wank at close range, can do sick quickscopes

Lowering recoil alone wouldn't work imo. Making each weapon type feel unique and on par with each other for different situations is the mark of a good weapon system.

So here are my suggestions:


Increase recoil on all rifles at all levels of marksmanship
Increase recoil on rifles further while moving
Add some form of sight sway during / for a period after moving with heavy weaponry to make it hard to aim. (this could be for a small while after changing direction in any sense as opposed to just moving.)


Reduce recoil at all levels of marksmanship.
Have a very similar level of recoil and accuracy while moving as when standing still.
Add sight sway at a reduced level (to prevent rain-dancing)
Useable while sprinting (maybe a bit too far but novel anyway)

Increase pellet spread or increase damage drop off a tad.
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