04-02-2015 Update

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Another semi update, no crafting changes yet. You'll notice most of this was fixes and a few tweaks to current systems.

  • All police are able to open up the F3 menu, but they will only be able to view the list of active warrants. Because of this, the "Arrest Warrant" text above people's head has been removed, so as police be sure you keep up to date with who you are actively tracking.
  • Warrant notices when receiving a warrant as well as the star system on the HUD has been removed as to stop people using this to their advantage and actively prepare for a raid.
  • As nongovernmental jobs are now able to be warranted, if sent to jail they will be removed from their job. (e.g. Delivery person gets sent to jail, when put in jail they will become citizen again)
  • Food is no longer purchasable from the delivery app.
  • Lieutenant is able to warrant people properly again.
  • Emergency app now notifies all emergency services when using the text system again
  • Some vehicle's have had their exit position modified so it is less likely to become stuck partially when exiting. If you have a vehicle that you get stuck in when getting out, please add onto the issue tracker here: https://github.com/syl0r/Perpheads-Issues/issues/51
  • Sergeant pay now should reset properly when the mayor leaves the job instead of remaining at the set pay.
  • You will now drown if remaining underwater for too long (I know the timer on it is quite short, but this is because you swim insanely fast at this time)
  • Not in this update but worth noting: Phone should no longer become stuck on an application making it impossible to use.
  • General fixes behind the scenes that should hopefully result in slightly better performance.
From the poll on my last update post, it would seem popular opinion has chosen that the ID system should be done next. Keep in mind that this will result in some rather large changes overall, which hopefully will be for the better, if possible I may sneak in the unit numbers as well. So we will adjust rules/laws accordingly as well. This change will take a fair bit of time as it is very comprehensive and needs several things put into place in order to allow for it. It should be quite useful and dare I say "it will improve RP?" But the reasons to add this system are self explanatory and overall a very much needed thing. If you have any questions that are important and another senior staff member is unable to answer about this idea, send me a message on here.
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