22/02/2021 - Community Team Changes

Team structure for tournament.

  • Register then assigned in a team of 5 by randomiser

    Votes: 68 64.2%
  • Register as teams of 5 yourself

    Votes: 38 35.8%

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Community Manager Tyla

As of this post, Tyla Jai will be made Community Manager alongside me. I chose Tyla as he has helped with a multitude of tasks I have carried out, such as the trailers, the rewind, helping with the forums rework and much more. I am sure many of you know Tyla and how committed he is to the community so I hope you are all able to join me in welcoming him into the Community Team and we look forward to what we can bring you.​


We have made some changes to the discord server, mostly simplifying it and improving the formatting. You will find a new welcome page and a new #screenshots channel which is open for anyone to upload in-game screenshots. There is also a #content-creators channel where we will link YouTube or Twitch channels for those who make quality video content for the community. Any other suggestions, please leave them below.​

Events Team

Carrying on from @Ayjay’s plan we want to start the creation of an Event Team. This role will not result in an in-game rank, but rather a Discord channel where we can discuss our plans more in-depth. If necessary you may be given the event staff to help oversee the events but this is not guaranteed. Ideally, our events will seamlessly blend in with day to day activity and that will be what we hope to accomplish with this team. If you are interested, please apply with the google form here.​

CS:GO Tournament

We will be organising a CS:GO tournament, would you rather have a 2v2 or a 5v5 tournament. Please vote on the poll above.​
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Maine, United States of America
Why not accumulate data based on an individuals skill rating via the registration forum, I.E Faceit ranking, esea ranking (If applicable) link to the profile, and MM ranking. Depending on the result you can assemble teams on a more selective nature while also setting restrictions, for example there can't be more than 3 faceit level 7+ on a single team (More restrictions would need to be made for different rankings outside of faceit, but I would assume most of the sweats in the community are using faceit over esea.) The 2 remaining slots on the team could be picked by the team in question as long so the remaining two players are not above a certain ranking. This ensures teams are diverse, while also not leading to the serious downsides that picking entirely random teams may lead to, such as poor communication, and desire to win. This was something I thought up in about 5 minutes, and more elaborate rules and restrictions would certainly need to be established in order to ensure fair, and competitive play, however picking random teams is a terrible idea and ruins the entire competitive integrity of a tournament designed to promote friendly competition.


Communication Banned
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in a basement
Make sure people state their rank and faceit level, otherwise it will be very unbalanced
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Its a randomiser bro, whats not random is that i be teaming up with @AlexDunsシ
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