Chemical Table Update Log - 22/02/2019

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Chemical Table Update Log - 22/02/2019

After many months of hard work from the entire development team, we are pleased to announce that the Chemical Table update has been released. This is has been one of the more complex updates, stretching some of the limits of what is possible with the engine, with complex and dynamic models that can be added to and adjusted on the fly.

Chemical Table

Chemical Tables can be placed in most properties on the map, but there are specific locations inside the properties that they can be placed. Simply equip your chemical table in a property that you have keys for, and you'll be able to see where it can be placed. Each property has a limit of how many chemical tables can be placed there.

Things that can be placed on the Chemical Table:
  • Propane Tanks are use to provide a source of gas for the cooker and to help crystallise meth. Limited fuel.
  • Cookers are used for heating things up that are placed on it.
  • Pyrex Dishes are used for drying out coca leaves using newspaper and a solution.
  • Distillation Kits are used for distilling Water or Medicines into a flask.
  • Erlenmeye Flask are used with a Distillation Kit for collecting distilled water or distilled medicines.
  • Beaker are used for cooking a combination of ingredients to make Liquid Meth.
  • Liquid Meth can be used with a propane tank to crystallize into meth crystals.
We're not going to list all of the new items here, we suggest you go exploring to find them!
(TinyCalc has been updated to contain all of the new items, prices and crafting materials.)

Cooking Meth

Meth can be cooked by distilling and cooking certain chemicals together on the chemical table. Once you have cooked some liquid meth, you can create some nice crystals which can then be sold to the drug dealer.

There are many methods of creating the new meth. Some are will give better results than others, but we'll leave it up to the players to find out the most optimal method. However, we suggest going to the drug dealer and buying his book to start with, and carefully following the instructions.

Meth can still explode, but only if you make a mistake, so be careful.

Drying Coke

Instead of getting the final form of cocaine from growing a coca plant, you now only obtain the leaves when you harvest the plant. You can now dry the leaves out on a Chemical using Newspaper and other chemicals. Heat is optional here, so you can leave it to dry in the air. Depending on the additional ingredient chosen, this can significantly increase the amount of cocaine that you are able to create.

Legacy Drugs
  • Old wet meth can no longer be crafted or cooked.
  • Old cooked and wet meth can be sold to the Drug Dealer for cash by selecting the sell meth option.
  • Old cocaine stays in its previous form and can still be sold to the Drug Dealer
Other Changes

We have taken this opportunity to make some other changes at the same time. These are as follows:
  • Crafting Changes
    • Glass shards now cost $200
    • Televisions now require 6 extra glass shards to craft and 6 extra metal pieces
    • Molotov Cocktails now require 2 fuel cans instead of a propane tank
  • New Features
    • Hydraulic gates can no longer by closed while there are vehicles underneath them
    • The staff HUD display to indicate who is talking is now visible for all users
    • Added a percentage to the skill bar on the F1 menu
    • Added a new fire effect
    • Added the Nokia Ringtone to phones
    • Players are able to fill up cars other than their own at gas stations
    • Water tanks can now be refilled from each other like ammo boxes
  • Improved Features
    • Tasers are now only given to Senior Officers or higher
    • City employees can use the storage chests in properties
    • Chests can only be spawned at properties that you have access to
    • Holiday dolls are not dropped on death
    • Toilets are now louder
    • Panic commands now have the team text and make a distinctive beep
    • You can now use the following chat commands underwater: panic, roll, describe, me
    • House alarms now go off for battering rams, C2 and broken windows
    • One basic planter only needs one water bottle to water
    • Improved anti-camera-climb code
    • Separated the ability to mute LOOC and OOC chats
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed hiding help chat not working properly
    • Fixed guns sometimes spawning outside the map when dying
    • Fixed vehicles sometimes being classed as "broken" when they weren't
    • Fixed cops being unable to confiscate grenade components
    • Fixed incorrect voice channel for NPC sounds
    • Fixed government props persisting after rejoining the server
    • Fixed government employees picking up remote explosives they had placed as a civilian
    • Fixed ADS bonus being implemented immediately after right clicking
    • Fixed shop UI being slow to fade in
There have also been a couple of small updates since we last posted an update log, so here are some other things that have been live for a while, but we never told you about:
  • Rounded cash messages for Roadcrew
  • Added TFU logging
  • Jail sentences can be given for one year
  • Jail time default now displays the correct value
  • Officers are told about previous tickets when attempting to give a new one
  • Walter P99 requirements are now not less than it's components
  • Car engine repairs are capped at $2500.
  • Fixed a few edge case scenarios for bullets
  • Warrants are now removed when disconnecting while blackscreened
  • Removed shell casings and fireworks from certain events
  • Improvements to various staff abilities
With thanks...
A huge thanks to @Fredy, @StephenPuffs, @Xquality and @Carrot for helping develop the table.
Thanks also goes to @Ayjay, @Bolli, @D3V, @Mallard, @Shay and @Momo for helping test many features and talk through ideas.
Finally, thanks to @Saint Wylde, @nickjedl, @Kenty, @Dan and @MangoJuice for their suggestions and everyone else who has made bug reports.

As always, if you find any bugs in the new features, please report them on Github. If you have any suggestions around the new features, please create a threat in the Ideas & Suggestions section of the forum, using the appropriate templates.
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Tasers are now only given to Senior Officers or higher

I get that people mess about with this as an officer but I personally prefer using and having my taser out than a gun.
I'd rather accidently tase someone than accidently shoot them.
I would also prefer to just incapacitate someone rather than kill them even if they are a leathal threat.
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Leeds, England.
This was changed due to an overwhelming amount of Internal Affairs complaints regarding Officers abusing this tool.
The fact that it is non-lethal makes it seem like a toy to some people, that's why we've made the decision to remove it from Officers.

Senior Officers have developed a little more knowledge, and take things more seriously.
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