Suggestion: Trial by combat.


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Moving this to off topic as staff quickly deleted the thread when I posted it in suggestions.

Description of the idea:
Allow ban disputes, mutual AR's, etc. To be settled via trial by combat.

The PERPheads staff team get in touch with some dodgy warehouses and organise fights IRL between people disputing bans, Rulebreaks, etc.

You see multiple situations where 2 people end up making AR's on one another for the same situations. Sad! This is a simple and effective method of dealing with these situations.

It can also work when staff members refuse to accept appeals, the appeal creator can challenge the staff member refusing their apology to a duel of honour.

Duel requests may NOT Be denied!
Idea's for different trials:

Dual of Honour, AKA Pistol duel:

Two people meet up, and duel by the gentleman's duelling code. Two pistols, two shots. Simple, effective!

Bare knuckle Cage fight:

2 people are locked in a cage and must fight. In this instance it will be to the death or until honour has been restored to the victor.

Sword duel:

Kinda the same thing as above, but with swords. It ends when the loser dies.

Rap battle:

For the white kids who listen to too much eminem, this is probably going to be for the weakest disputes, however, to make it effective, the winner of the rap battle has to live by any claims the loser gives them.

Why should this be added? (pros):
- We will have a stronger staff team by default as the weak shall not survive.
- A stronger community by default
- Less Petty reports, as it could end in death
- No developer work needed as this is all IRL.
What negatives could this have? (cons):
@Tom could turn out to be fucking ripped and might end up back in the community through winning a duel.​
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finally a way to solve all the issues in the community!!!111!!!! I think this is how we should decide who gets staff as well, only the strongest can become helper