Update Log - 16/08/2018

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Update Log - 16/08/2018

Today we have a slightly bigger update for you that mainly focuses on changing crafting drastically and adding smoke detectors. Here's the full changelog:
  • Reworked crafting to not be as interactive anymore and generally much easier to use
    • You don't have to click on individual components to add them to the mixture anymore
    • Added a nice overview of the mixture that lists all skills required to craft it from scratch and additionally any raw ingredients you are missing to fully craft this item (any intermediate items you already have are taken into account as well)
    • You can now craft an entire item even though you don't have all immediate ingredients, as long as you have enough ingredients to craft any intermediate items.
    • Crafting no longer freezes players which allows them to close the F1 menu and walk around during crafting (albeit at a slower speed)
    • Halved rate at which stoves catch fire and increased their range slightly
    • Short video of it in action
  • Added smoke detectors
    • Smoke detectors can now be bought at Safety First and RagnaTec for $100 before taxes
    • Smoke detectors function similarly to house alarms, i.e. you click on a door to install them and they last until the property is sold
    • If a fire is detected inside your property the smoke detectors will start an alarm and notify the emergency services about the fire
  • Government employees can now access storage/trunk/storage chests
  • Limited the amount of fishing rods a player can have to 4 (premium) and 3 (non premium)
  • Added credits tab into the F1 menu to list all people who have made this gamemode possible or resources we used

@TinySlayer is now helping us out by fixing loads of bugs. Here's his first list (one day of work):
  • Police Command now need to have a phone item to use one
  • RTU gear no longer appears in TFU cars and does not overfill normal cop cars
  • TFU no longer get a second battering ram
  • TFU van can now be repaired, but it takes longer than normal cars
  • grenades now explode if active when surrendered
  • Added demo restart notification
  • Much easier to level swimming
  • Being stunned and starving now works at the same time
  • fixed keeping armour when manually respawned and warrants disappearing incorrectly
  • Corporals can now battering ram all doors if there are no supervisors online
  • Updated Bank Robber Warranter to Ayjay
  • Added PD door access to mayor, medic and firefighter
  • NPCs now notify the police when warranted suspects try to join a job
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Reworked crafting to be as interactive anymore and generally much easier to use
THANK YOU, This is literally 100 times better.
Although according to some people the server is currently broke af probs due to some bugs?