Update Log - 16/08/2018

Thanks for both this update and the previous one, game feels alive and like it's possible to keep improving.

Overall everything is great, I love the new crafting system. Also the smoke detectors that Firefighters can use now!

I do have one question, what is the point of leveling up swimming? Does it make you faster in water or something?
hello can i please have a refund of mY mOuSe ???????
the old crafting system wasted me 10000 clicks and now it is all automatic sO yeah :):):):)
Gaming mouses usually last for around 20 million clicks so you wasted 0.05% of your mouse and let's say your mouse costed 50€ so it's 0.025€ that you wasted in crafting. And you are asking for a refund? :):):):)