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Perpheads V5​

I am excited to finally announce the release of the latest iteration of Paralake, V5! Many people have worked countless hours developing and curating this project and we are honoured to deliver this update to the community. This is the first of many steps forward for Perpheads and we hope we can continue to deliver new and improved content to the community for years to come.

Important Note: If you are not seeing the correct content, unsubscribe from Paralake City V4 or any older version of the map, this should fix any conflicts.

Before we get to the changes, I want to explain why it took us so long to finish V5. We started working on the map in late December, but it took us a good four to five months to get to where we are now. One of the major changes we wanted to include in V5 is the removal of any dependency on having different games installed. Paralake V4 uses a lot of CS:S textures, which make it essentially impossible to play the game if they are missing. Just to really show the problem, take a look at the comparison of V4 and V5 without CS:S content.
As you can imagine, we will never get a new player who does not own CS:S to stay on our server when the first thing they see is a wall of missing textures of errors. Hopefully this allows us to recruit a lot more newer players in the future. To make sure you can enjoy the new experience, avoiding the hassle of conflicting and missing content, you will need to unsubscribe from Paralake City V4 Content and Paralake City V4.

Another major difference to previous releases of new version of Paralake, is the amount of fine tuning and bug testing that was done to achieve the most polished version of Perpheads yet. Everyone involved put a ton of effort into every aspect of the map and gamemode and we really hope you enjoy Perpheads V5.

Following is a hopefully mostly complete list of all changes (both in the map and code). It does not include any screenshots but to get a picture of the new map, just check it out yourself on the server or watch @Tyla Jai's amazing trailer to get a sneak peek or take a look at this very high resolution overview map of the V5 (DANGER: BIG).

Map changes
  • Casino
    • Harlem's Casino is now open, check it out in the business area!
      • Blackjack has been added to the casino
      • Spin to Win has been added to the casino
        • 2 free spins a day for premium members!
      • Slot machines have been added to the casino
  • Hospital
    • The Hospital has moved over the road and has had a big redesign
      • Huge thanks to @blackdown and @Exnem for working on the design for the new Hospital!
  • Police Department
    • Front parking has been moved across the road, allowing for a straight road from Shady street to the intersection
    • Replaced old 'Lieutenants Office' with 'Supervisors Office' sign
    • Jail Cells Overhaul (Reduced to 6)
    • Dispatcher room downsizing (4 seats)
    • Moved mirror inside elevator
  • Suburbs storage
    • Parallel parking bays added to encourage legal parking
    • Storage attendant moved inside to avoid massacres
  • Regals
    • Removed the part of the balcony fence you had to jump over.
    • Moved the staircase of the fire escape towards the inside to minimize headglitching.
  • Farm
    • Stairs have been added to one side of the farm
    • Is now available to purchase (again)
    • Farm road now has barriers on the sides
  • Slums
    • Fire exit added to the side of slums (ground floor)
    • Thickness of floors has been adjusted
  • J&M Glass Co. and Parker
    • Added separate entrance for each compound
    • The interior of both buildings has been altered
    • Removed Parker's back door
    • The 2 properties have been separated
  • Scrapyard
    • Decreased size of scrapyard to make space for new road
  • Hungriges Schwein
    • Updated interior
    • Updated exterior textures
    • Is now available to purchase (again)
  • Roxie's Diner (Replaced McUwes)
    • Redesigned interior/exterior
    • Added NPCs inside for all your fast food needs
  • Office
    • Windows have been improved to avoid one-way vision
    • Roof entrance has been moved
    • Roof door added back
  • Puffer Mart
    • 2 shelf rows have been removed
    • You can now properly place items on the shelves
  • Pub
    • Interior redesign
    • Renamed to Yoghurto's Pub
  • Church
    • Benches are no longer destroyable
  • Gas Stations
    • Have been bought by the oil company Spoil
  • Beach
    • Bollards have been damaged to allow trapped cars to escape
  • Car dealer
    • Opened up car dealer back alley
  • City Hall
    • Lowered the grass walls in the garden
    • Added small park in front of Shady Street
    • Market is now open for business

Other map changes / fixes

  • All Counter Strike: Source textures and models have been replaced
  • Road textures have been updated
  • Various buildings and areas across the city now have newer, higher quality textures
  • Various interiors have been redesigned with newer models
  • Player clip has been removed on hick town dirt road to avoid crashes
  • Bullet proof glass has been removed from multiple locations across the map
  • Speed Limit Signs
    • Added 35mph sign at the end of Bollers street for Kalashnikov street
    • Lowered the speed limit in Parker tunnel to 65mph
    • Lowered the speed limit on Cornfield road to 35mph
  • Static prop lighting has been changed and no longer makes most map props extremely dark

Somewhat complete list of changes​

Gameplay Changes

Casino System:

  • Cannot place nor use items other than keys
  • Blackjack
    • Low Stakes ($100-$5.000)
    • High Stakes ($2.500-$100.000)
    • Sidebets
      • 21+3
      • PerfectPairs
  • Spin-To-Win
    • Prizes
      • Money: $1000
      • Money: $10000
      • Money: $100000
      • Money: $1000000
      • Item: Pumpkin
      • Item: Melon
      • Item: Television
      • Item: Piano
      • Item: Piece of Metal
      • Item: Paper Towels
      • Item: Light Bulb
      • Item: Salt
      • 1 Day Premium
      • 7 Days Premium
      • Month of Premium
      • Car (Above $2.000.000)
    • Casino Car Pedestal
  • Slot Machines
  • Poker
  • Added Ornaments (Holiday Penguin & Hulla Doll), available for the following cars (more will be added later):
    • Bugatti Veyron SS
    • Bugatti Veyron 16.4
    • McLaren F1
    • Ferrari LaFerrari
    • Pagani Zonda C12
    • McLaren P1
    • Ferrari Enzo
    • Porsche Carrera GT
    • Mercedes McLaren SLR
    • Audi R8 Plus
    • Lamborghini Reventon Roadster
    • Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV
    • BMW 1M
    • Mazda Furai
    • Mazda RX7
    • Ford Raptor SVT
    • Ford F350
    • Ford Transit
    • Mini Cooper
    • Impala SS
    • Citroen C4
    • Ferrari 250GT
    • Volkswagen New Beetle
    • Nissan GT-R V-spec
  • Mazda Furai is now in stock at Paralake Cars for just $20.000.000
  • City Hall Market stalls are now ownable (Cash Register not needed)
  • Hungriges Schwein & Farm are ownable again
Staff system:
  • Extended props can now be granted
  • Temporary ranks no longer require rejoin (Event Staff)
Organisation Changes:
  • Maximum level increased to 30
  • New Perks
    • Limousine
    • Faster crafting times
Drug changes:
  • Simplified Watering System
    • Low rate gives the maximum yield per minute but takes the longest
    • High gives the minimal yield per minute but is the quickest
  • Fixed issues with players not receiving drug dealer texts after selling 1000 drugs
  • New players now get bonuses from harvesting own drugs
  • The PH decals now indicate the spots the drug dealer can spawn at
  • Added and changed some locations
Police changes:
  • Added wheel clamp for RTU
  • Clamped vehicles can now be impounded if there is no roadcrew
  • DNA is now obtainable for players who get revived
  • Uploaded DNA doesn't need to be resolved by other players
  • Dispatcher has been downsized to 4
  • The police battering ram is no longer an rpg
  • New players get life alerts and more food
  • Keys are now only visible to other players when they are visible to you
  • Physguns are automatically put away after a prolonged amount of idle time
  • Players that are permanently blacklisted from OOC are able to use the help chat
  • Pop-up headlights now work for the following vehicles: Lambo Diablo VT, Mazda RX7, Ferrari F512 TR, Pontiac Fiero GT
  • Improved various sections of the UI so that they scale better for different resolutions
  • Fixed all chairs & benches positions
  • New shop signs
  • Added option to disable fountains in options
  • Short wooden fence no longer has gaps
  • Added large metal detector


  • @Lelios - Mapping and a ton of new models
  • @Ayjay - Mapping and replacing a lot of CS:S models/textures
  • @roxie - Blackjack, Spin to win, ornaments and a ton of other coding things, also new road textures and much more
  • @Carrot - Modelling and a ton of testing/advising
  • @StephenPuffs - Texturing of a lot of models
  • @rogue - Cool textures for the new Diner (including the amazing penguin) and some textures for the slot machine
  • @blackdown - Mapping the new hospital, Testing, Trailer
  • @TinySlayer - Coding
  • @Efan - Testing, Trailer, Ideas
  • @Super_ - Testing, Trailer
  • @Tyla Jai - Testing, Amazing trailer
  • @Momo - Testing, Trailer
  • @Hayden - Testing, Trailer
  • @Collier - Testing, Trailer
  • @Exnem - Hospital
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