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Can you believe its been over 2 years since the original idea of the Police Whitelist? In August 2014 we began working towards some sort of whitelist/rank system for the Police Department. I was tired of the Police Department being so 'throw away', everything you worked on just disappeared when you resigned from officer, I really wanted to change this and make things more permanent. I thought that the Police Department at the time had so much potential and so much could be made of it. In January 2015 we announced the Police Supervisor system which whitelisted the Lieutenant and the newly added Police Sergeant job, this was pretty much where the crusade for improving the Police Department started.

Since then, we've worked on the whitelist to where it is today, in April 2016, we added the Ranked Supervisor system which added the ranking system which required you to apply for Senior Officer. The past couple of years have been great and its been amazing seeing everything come together and the amount of individuals that have been so committed to making a change within the Police Department.

As I mentioned in the PLPD Christmas Post:

I am so proud of the progress and it's crazy what we've all created! Watching people develop bonds and relationships with other members of the community through the department is truly amazing and gives an amazing sense of achievement. I'd like to personally thank everyone that is part of the department (approx 157 people) and past employees! If you're not with us yet, why not? We're constantly looking for new faces around the Police Department that can help us do better at what we do: We're recruiting - Join us here at www.plpd.online/joinus

I'd like to take the time to thank some people, I can't thank enough the notable individuals who have generously contributed to the development of the PLPD... Those who have given out of sheer generosity and asked for nothing in return.
And this all still stands and I hope that everyone is pleased with the progress. I can't stress how much this community project has pulled people together and I really hope this carries on. There is no possible way I could even make a list of people to thank, everyone who has contributed to the Police Department have made such a huge difference so a big thanks to all of our current and past employees, Fredy, Stephen and XQ for actually allowing this to happen, and to the community, for also allowing this to happen and actually giving us a chance.

So, here we are, we're whitelisting on the restart today - so to become an Officer, you must apply. Now before we go further, of course some individuals are going to disagree with this, and if so I'd like you to share your thoughts with us HERE but before doing so, just make sure you understand how to get into this whitelist and why we're doing it.

The whitelist shouldn't be viewed as some sort of exclusive club, it isn't exactly hard to get in, given that you meet our eligibility criteria. We want everyone to be part of it, hence why we have such a strong team of Police Training Staff to ensure that people that are struggling can be helped. Having a whitelist allows the strict audit of players, being a Police Officer on PERP brings a lot of power and is very much easily abused, being able to properly audit people and actually make sure officers are aware of the rules and how to roleplay should make the server enjoyable for everyone.

Here is how people will join; the lovely NPC in the front office of the Police Station provides players with information about the Police Department and how to apply. First stage is a Preliminary Background Application which just asks for some information about yourself, why they want to join us and also checking their rule knowledge. Second stage is a Situational Judgement Test which contains 5 scenarios and the applicant must write out their answers telling us what they would do, the scenarios base heavily on roleplay and rules to ensure that they are here for the correct reasons and they have read the servers rules. At this point, the applicant is now whitelisted as a Probationary Officer... POs may only patrol with Police Corporals+, this is to educate the PO so they can gather experience ready for their Supervised Patrol which is the last step of the recruitment process, in the Supervised Patrol they go out with a Police Training Staff member and the PO is assessed on different competencies to ensure they are ready to independently patrol. At the moment, we have a dedicated team of 25 Police Training Staff so we can ensure that the recruitment process is as fluid as possible.

Unfortunately, the Police Department is not perfect, you heard it here folks! I think it would be silly for anyone to say it is, over the next couple of weeks and months we will be focusing on fixing things and changing stuff. So if you do want to share your views, please do so on our feedback form HERE.
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This is a massive step for the PLPD 2 years since the original idea was put into play and now it's finally become reality I'm extremely excited to find out what will happen and how this would go. (Not so excited for the amount of applications I will be doing xD). I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate the effort you have put in to the PLPD and everyone else who has had a role in making it a reality.
This post most likely sounds cringey but I'm Appricey (deal with it xD) Thank you Jordan!
Thank you we might actually have vehicles without sweatercops crashing most of them.

I have already been patrolling with a few regular officers and I also assign regular officers with ranked officers as dispatch. As they say lead by example.
Think we all have to thank not just @Jordan for making this vision a reality, but the entire PD for actually taking time out of their lives to dedicate their selves to such a complex project. I myself, and I'm sure many of you notice the benefits from a year ago - Since returning to the community, I've never been so entranced by a new feature or project within the server. It hasn't been easy for the PD, and there still are many creases that need to be ironed out. But this is a huge step in the right direction, and hopefully more things like this will be created to spark more roleplay and allow us to create a better police experience on the gamemode.
The PD has come a long way since I joined the server. It's been a roller coaster journey with so many ups and downs.

I've observed many people who wouldn't be expected do so go out of their way to help progress the PLPD. We owe everyone who has contributed a big thank you.

However, we still have further to go. Let's admire the great changes but also look towards the future. Good shit.
This is what the Police department needs a good step in the right direction which means that we can hopefully have a more professional police department and have stable police officers for the job who know what they are doing.

After 2 years this is a massive step towards success in the PLPD

I well look like I have some work todo later great! I really like the idea of a whitelist it makes things easier when it comes to thinking of the whole "no sweater cops going rogue"

Still going to miss sweater cops tho :(
After meeting a Probitionary officer better than a lot of senior officers, I must say that I really like how this turned out. The only thing I want to be changed is a limit for the max amount of prob officers on duty at once. Would be bad with 8/8 officers without guns.
I am very proud to be a part of the PD when we're organising such large scale changes. I think it's pretty great to see people still applying for officer.
Not that this is a problem already but, just in case, I feel it nessecery to mention how new officers will not be perfect, the newer officers are the first in a long ranking system, they will sometimes need training as it might be their first time as a law enforcement officer in any serious role play, hence, be a good role model and teach them to be the best they can.
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