3.5 - Voice your opinion!

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Hey everyone!

Recently senior administration witnessed a post created by @Slayerduck, the post essentially detailed that the community were incredibly confused on NLR and disconnecting. Because of this I decided to attempt to organize a small gathering with as many staff members as possible in order to attempt to create an addition that would solve this problem that we all had. During this meeting we all discussed the rule, how some of us enforced it, and then voted toward a new addition (the new implementation being the most voted).

However after the change was added and implemented we still seen discouragement by not only users, but staff as well. It is because of this, that senior administration has decided to open a google form that everyone can respond to, here you will voice your opinion regarding the rule and then from that we will implement a new re-written or edited rule.

Please remember to try and be as constructive and as detailed as possible when filling out this form, as wasted and unhelpful responses don't solve anything. Again I want to formally apologize for the issues that everyone has faced, and I hope within the next few days we have a rule that the community can be satisfied with.

Best regards,

Senior administration.