Joining army, thoughts?

Join the raf or navy, do not join the army.
Grandparents in it for many years as well as some teachers I know and they all regret it, you're not treated like a person and your not given any life skills to use when you're out, but the RAF and Navy will give you life skills you can use
I mean if you’re doing it to gain respect in your local community then I wouldn’t do it.
If you want to actually serve for your country then go ahead but you honestly need to weigh up your options of being in several weeks worth of training, being away from family and being cracked and put to your limits I guess.

You’ve stated you want to have hard work.
I mean instead of going into the Army why don’t you look for going into a trade?

I mean I left school with absolutely nothing, not sure what I wanted to do and looked into everything from the Police, Army, working in a weapon smiths and finding a trade, just because you don’t know what to do, don’t just resort to the army as it might not be for you and you might not be the type of character to suit it.

I’m now two years into becoming qualified as an electrician and it’s one of the best things I chose to do, hard work at times but can also be easy but has its benefits of being very rewarding.

Just weigh up your options, but unlike everyone else, all I’m saying is I had left school in the same position as you and got into formal interviews with the Police but declined to go down the Trade route as I know which one earns more money if you work for it.

Honestly have a look around and don’t just resort to something.
Don’t expect to be treated like some sort of god. It’s literallly only the Americans who do that, they’ll wear their uniform to McDonalds it’s creepy.

My whole family has been in the British Armed Forces, my grandpa killed Arabs in Palestine in the 40s whilst my Mum did Logistics and my dad infantry with the queens regiment (now called princess of Wales).

Those saying you don’t get any skills from the army are either chatting shit or their known person who served was a shit soldier. Fact.

You will learn discipline and respect, how to look after yourself and work with others. Depending on which branch you go into you’ll learn all the skills there which can be applied in civi life. For example if youre a engineer you can become a mechanic etc etc.

You get to travel the world, not sure what it’s like now but my parents were always based in Germany during the Cold War.

You’ll meet mates for life and you do get benefits after service, from charities and armed forces discount card. Not to mention access to many veteran clubs (Im part of the Union Jack club in Waterloo in London thanks to my dads service).

You’ll be kept physically and mentally fit, so long as you’re up for the challenge.

Don’t worry about “wars”, it’s 2019, the only people you’ll be shooting are terrorists in the desert. The last war against another states armed forces we were in was Iraq’s over 16 years ago, and before that’s it was Argentina’s in 1982.

If you’re young enough still join your local army cadets to get a taste of it for you or speak to a actual ex service member.