Update Log - 12/12/2017

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UPDATE LOG - 12/12/2017
Weapon Changes:
Fixed rifle compensators offering no benefit
Flash hiders now offer similar benefits to suppressors
Increased recoil on all 5.56 to be more in line with other rifles
Increased spread on all shotguns
Reduced recoil on some shotguns
Reduced recoil on all SMGs
Reduced recoil on all pistols
Reduced recoil on snipers
Added the ability to attach rifle compensators to all SMGs
Adjusted moving inaccuracy

Bug Fixes:
Delivery could enter any government vehicles as a passenger
Gave police keys to the City Hall
Made the car alarm follow the vehicle
Adjusted the storage chest in Puffermart
Corrected life alert locations
Removed invisible benches at office
Removed option to choose fire engine colors (Always red and white now)

SCAM Fixes:

Losing armor when spectating

Blood trails when bleeding
Reduced strafing speed while aiming down sight
Becoming a taxi driver no longer requires you to own a vehicle


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Thanks for the gun related fixes, been waiting to get some of them fixed after posting them on the tracker. I'll take anything to make stutter stepping combat less aids when we get reduced recoil in return and fixing SMG compensators+recoil. Also, about the flash hiders what benefits do they offer similar to the suppressor? no suppressed sound, that's for sure.
All this time through countless raids I crippled many plebs thinking I had some unholy curse but it was Perp coding rip all those ankles I broke
Question, if somebody is injured (shot/stabbed) and is then knocked unconscious, does blood spill where they lay, and/or across the ground when dragged? If not, it could be interesting if this is added one day.