Update Log - 12/04/2020 (EvoCity)

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Update - 12/04/2020

The following changes will go live shortly.

The biggest change you will notice, is the map change. We are moving back to evo for the time being. @Collier and @Madda have done some changes to improve gameplay, such as,
  • Made the bank bigger
    • The vault is now on the bottom floor rather than under the map
  • Made the corridors wider in City Apartments
  • Improved map performance

Other changes/bug fixes @TinySlayer and I have worked on,

  • Added Splints
    • Can be bought at Safety First and will make you walk and run a bit faster than when having broken legs.
    • Running will cause damage and may result in your slow but painful death.
  • Added EvoCity gunrange
  • Added Poker tables to EvoCity
  • Added so explosives now do damage to nearby vehicles
  • Added so the storage chest model opens when you open it
    • Only on the portable ones, not the static property ones
  • Added cough animation to the 'C' animation wheel

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where you could switch firing mode while equipping a gun, resulting in you shooting blanks.
  • Fixed issue where repairs done to your car by Roadcrew didn't save
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to use the zip tie search function to take crafting materials etc...
  • Fixed issue where fire extinguishers were not removed when you went off duty.
  • Fixed issues where workbences were unfrozen by explosion
  • Fixed issue where you could use the taser on someone entering a vehicle, resulting in them destroying the vehicle
  • Fixed max trunk weight for the Pagani Zonda
    • Was 40KG, is now 0KG
  • Fixed item stacking issue in vehicle trunks
    • Due to this fix, it is now possible to stack items in trunks.
  • Fixed tooter
  • Fixed issue where camera images were not saved if camera flash was turned off
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in the TV Chromium error text
Some images for those players that are banned for various reasons,

Found a bug? Report it at https://perpheads.com/forums/bug-reports.345/.

Big thanks to the following people,

@Bolli - Testing, Ideas, Spotify Playlist Creator
@Madda - Map, Testing
@Collier - Map, Testing
@McGlinchy - Testing, Moral Support
@Husky - Test Lead
@Inchs - Testing
@Husky - Test Lead
@talkhtw5 - Original Splint Suggestion
@Hayden - Bug Reporting
@Jimmy Jackson - Testing
@Alyt - Testing